Green Manufacturing

Pristine Kitchen Systems have been busy innovating, developing a new leading standard for green construction. It starts with the materials we use, we have available a variety of low to no VOC, Formaldehyde free plywood and particle core panels. These panels are then manufactured using what is called a "Nested Base CNC Router" which is jargon for a tool changing, sheet optimizing high production robotic router. This CNC Router is capable of using less material than you could with a tablesaw due to it's ability to cut in such a way that you can't cut in a straight line; this means better yield on sheetgoods, less waste ending in our landfills, and more money in your pocket.

Our kitchens are then sanded and coated with the finest, most cutting edge Brazilian and Italian wood coatings which are 100% water based. We have done extensive testing to use only the best of the best laquers, polymers and stains which at the same time have zero VOC emissions, which was done partly in the interest of the environment, but also in the interest of self-preservation and health of our employees. These coatings are sprayed using a revolutionary new Italian flatline coating machine, which you could best describe as a paint spraying robot running on a conveyor belt. Again, this machine is designed to maximize the yield of our coatings and minimize waste, as well as preserve the health of our staff in the spraying department.

Believe it, our shop is very fun to work in!