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Refrigerator wall of VOC free custom new build in Evergreen.

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Kitchen Planning

The thought of building (or renovating) a kitchen can be very overwhelming for some people. Lucky for you, we know what we’re doing (most of the time!). Here’s what you need to know:

Kitchen Design

We have some great designs for you to look at. You can use these as a springboard for your own ideas, or use a combination of both. In either case, our design staff will work with you all the way to create your dream kitchen.

Cabinet Heights

This all depends on what you want from you cabinets. Are you going for looks, storage, or a bit of both? You have 4 options to choose from: standard, staggered, open, or floor-to-ceiling. You can always talk to a member of our staff if you’re unsure.

Profiles & Joints

There are many choices when it comes to choosing what profiles and joints you want for your cabinet doors. Here’s what we offer:

  • Profiles: curved, square, flat panel, raised panel, recessed, ventura.
  • Joint choices: mitre, tongue, flat panel.

Woods & Finishes

Choosing the right wood and color for your kitchen is difficult. You have to be 100% sure you know what you want. Have a look at what we offer, then come and visit us. Once you see what these woods and finishes look like in-person, only then will you be sure of what you want.

Traditional: Maple, Oak, Lacquered MDF, Alder, Knotty Pine, Rustic Alder, Beechwood. Exotic: Cherry Wood, Rift Cut Oak, Ultra High Gloss, Hickory, Rustic Hickory.