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Product & Service

We want to build you the perfect kitchen for your home and family, but before we can do this we need to know what you want. So come meet the Pristine Kitchen family and tell us what you want, what your budget is, and how much space you have available. Then we’ll design, craft and install your perfect kitchen.

Design & Consultation

Our design and consultation team will work closely with you to design your dream kitchen. We believe in designing kitchens with a focus on your lifestyle and

Our team has lots of experience and are always full of great ideas, and will answer any question you throw at them. Are you ready for your new kitchen?

Green Custom Manufacturing

Your kitchen is built from scratch and is made from a combination of Canadian and American hardwoods, German steel hinges, and any color you want for your unique kitchen. In the interest of environment and self-preservation, we use the most cutting edge water based wood coatings from Italy and Brazil, with no VOC offgassing in your house. That noxious "new kitchen smell" you will get from most of our competition is VOC offgassing from the presence of large amounts of Formaldehyde and Isocyanates (not good) circulating through your home. What we can say for certain is there’s no mass production at Pristine Kitchens, except for Jae’s novelty t-shirts and a few rolls of electrical tape.
Oh, and our iPhones.


We’d be lying if we said installing a kitchen is easy, clean, and quiet. It isn’t. Along the way, issues can occur (like the sudden drop in temperature – hey, it’s Saskatchewan!) that might cause an unexpected delay, but we promise we’ll do our very best to get your kitchen installed fuss-free.


“Customer service” is for returning a toaster or activating a cell phone. It’s not for building your dream kitchen.

As the heart of the home, your kitchen is used every day to feed your family and you’re asking us to build yours. This is beyond customer service. It’s about loyalty. We’re with you now and all the way. We promise.

For those of you with a Pristine Kitchen, welcome to our family. Call us anytime and help yourself to the stuff in our fridge.